Who We Are

Expert Home Remodeling Specialists

Post and Lintel Remodeling was founded by a former NASA engineer and has become renowned for providing superior remodeling services. Located in Houston, TX, our team has more than 20 years of experience in the home construction industry. Our job is to make sure we make your dream home come to life. 

If you ask any of our clients, they’ll tell you that Post and Lintel Remodeling delivers an incredible final project that’s both on time and on budget. If you don’t believe us, explore some of the work we’ve done in the past on our gallery page

Our Philosophy

At Post and Lintel Remodeling, our philosophy is simple: imagine, design, build. We start with a professional consultant, who meets with you at your home and helps you imagine precisely what you want. Next, our design team takes that vision and maps it out and includes choices of building materials, appliances, fixtures and more – all while sticking to your budget. And finally, our team of experts makes it happen. We focus on quality, cleanliness, and efficiency with all of our projects, and keep you in the loop every step of the way. 

One of the biggest things that separates us from the rest is our dedication to sustainability. We work to reduce your energy consumption with each remodeling job we do. Not only is it doing great things for the environment, it’s great for your budget too. We use the very best materials that create a better home for you and your family, including recyclables! Despite our energy-saving techniques, we always make sure we’re sticking to your guidelines and budget. 
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