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The Finest Building Materials 

One of the biggest things that sets us apart from other contractors in the Houston, TX area is our use of high-end, quality building materials. With our extensive knowledge, we have found what types of products work best together, look the sleekest, and are the most durable. Learn more about the materials we use below:

Granite and Marble

Granite is one of the hardest and toughest materials you can use in a home. It’s one of the most perfect stones used in construction work. Because of this, our team has a wide variety of granite to choose from. We can offer you neutral colors to vibrant tones, uniform grains and exotic patterns. The choice is yours! We always suggest neutral tones for countertops, but black is another option for that sleek, contemporary look. 

You’ll be able to visit our granite supplier personally and see slabs with different hues, flakes and speckles. 

As one of the most versatile materials, marble is best known for its elegant and simplistic beauty. In the construction world, we know it as durable and functional. As a form of limestone, marble is usually suggested for entranceways or on walls. Since it’s susceptible to acids, like citric acid and vinegar, we suggest not using marble for countertops in kitchens. 
As an Italian import, travertine is usually seen being used on floors and walls. With its natural beauty and durability, it’s a great choice for adding an element of nature to your home. Travertine has pitted holes and troughs on the surface that occur naturally, which give that stone-like feel to any room. We can customize these holes and fill them in as you see fit. We’ll also be able to polish them and smooth it out as much as you’d like. 

As a form of limestone, you would have likely seen travertine used as tiles for wall cladding and flooring. The Romans used travertine on some of their famous buildings such as the Coliseum and other amphitheaters. As we use it today in homes, the colors and textures available really give your bathroom or kitchen a unique flair. 
Most commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens, slate tile is perfect for areas that get a lot of traffic. This natural and earthy look is a trend used by a lot of interior designers today. We suggest using slate tiles for interior and exterior flooring. It can also be used on stairs, walkways, surrounding a tub, and wall cladding. 

The combination of different elements from which slate is derived give it the color and variation you see. It’s the best natural material to use to add rich earth tones to any room. 
Venetian Plaster
As one of the most sought-after wall finishes currently on the market, Venetian plaster is most commonly used on walls and ceilings. The final products look like polished marble, travertine, or limestone. It first became popular in the 1500s in Venice, Italy, hence the name. 

Venetian plaster is a great visual addition to your home. With the glamorous look of marble combined with warm tones, this warm and beautiful material is very popular. The best part about this particular material is that it goes with casual, contemporary, or traditional rooms. 
On the construction side of things, Wedi is a versatile, cement-based material that forms an adhesive base. As one of the best solutions to heat insulation, Wedi is known for holding in the elements of your home, which can reduce your energy costs. It’s also a great way to prevent mold. 

These building boards can be cut into any desired size and shape for your needs. They are great for any room and remodeling project because of their durable and waterproof qualities. 
PEX is a type of polymer tubing that is essential for functioning plumbing and heating applications. It’s more popular in Europe but has made its way to the United States. Because of this, the plumbing industry has started to move away from copper and onto this cross-linked polyethylene instead. 

What sets this material apart is its ability to sustain extreme temperatures and resist deformations while still being easy to install. This form of piping is one of the best choices you can make when remodeling your new kitchen or bathroom. 

Unlike copper piping, PEX will not corrode and is much more affordable. It also helps you avoid an unpleasant metallic taste in your water. The material can also withstand extreme cold, which copper cannot. PEX has quickly become the easiest and best quality product on the market in the plumbing world. With its bend ability and resistance to water contamination, the choice for piping is pretty simple. We use PEX with all our piping projects because of all these qualities. 
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